Creating structure, order and an oversight, guiding you out of fear, panic attacks, anxiety and depression back to the here and now. 

“The answer always lies within ourselves. Sometimes the outside world, with all it’s distractions, is simply too loud to hear our inner voice, our inner wisdom.”

Which coaching fits me?

Remember that all of my work sometimes merges. I preferably work with whatever I feel is right in that moment. So if you’re not sure which coaching fits your situation the best, you can just go by the personal coaching. 

Personal Coaching

The Personal Coaching is here for any of your topics and problems you want to solve. We analyse the current situation, analyse why certain things show up and together we transform it to where you want it to be. This includes the areas of panic attacks and anxiety. 
Remember – I can coach you through it, but the work needs to be done by you. 
This coaching is often used if there is any problem with your pet. This can be anything from behaviour, relationship or sickness. We analyse the situation, see, what the animal is mirroring you and what your learning possibility is. To support your pet we can work with animal communication and find out what supports your pet.
ThetaHealing is a beautiful tool to know why we have certain blockages or negative patterns. We will find the underlying sentences of belief and fears, find out where they came from, take their benefits with us and let them go for good. We do this work in a meditative state. 

Multimedia – a tad different 

After many years in the field, I found joy in helping others to set up their digital appearance. It can help people to find their branding or social media channels, We can also look into your offers and and work them out.