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Coaching through animals

“Animals often function as a transmitter for discrepancies between our body, mind and soul.”

„Dogs are more then best friends. Dogs are teachers. Dogs are companions & infinite helpers. Dogs show us what unconditional love means. If you let them.“

The coaching through animals is a method I created myself; a combination out of different skills and abilities I have since childhood. I was given the chance to learn in early age what our animals purpose really is. So now, I function as a translator between the animal and their owner. 

I often recognize patterns within the relationship of human and animal. Patterns they carry out in this relationship but also one that steers the everyday life. Animals can be an indicator for topics and blockages. The misbehaviour of your animal can simply be a signal. And it goes even further: The love of your dear animal can go as far as carrying sickness for us. They are a barometer of our soul. Of our wellbeing. 

It works online if you can describe the relationship between you and your animal. It is helpful if you send me a picture of your animal in advance. Contact me or book here. 

(Online) Coaching: 120.-/h