Personal Coaching

Creating structure, order and an oversight, guiding you out of fear, panic attacks, anxiety and depression back to the here and now. 

“As a coach I guide you to the path of your own healing journey, the journey back home.”



We can look into any problem together. We will analyse your current situation, figure out where it should head to and find a way to make it happen. With different methods, the one fitting you the most, we will reveal the problem and focus on how to make the presence work best. Basically we can work on any topic – for deeper healing I might supervise you to other therapists and coach you all through the way.

Orientation, structure, an oversight

If you’re lost in your current situation, don’t know how to get out of it or struggle to find the right choices. We create structure and I help you to be able to recognize your actual situation and options. We find hidden blockages or beliefs, which are holding you back. 

Anxiety, Panix attacks or depression

I am mentioning those three fields as I was lost in those myself and it took me many years to find my way out of it. I know how healing it can be to simply feel understood. And to have someone at your side helping you out of this struggle. 

You can book the coaching online. 

120.- CHFr. / h 

The healing journey is very individual. There isn’t a fast way out. But I will accompany you step by step along this rocky journey. As soon as you say yes and are willing to change.